Save Money on Electricity Bill!

Save your money on electricity bill! Do you know heaters that have storage for several gallons/ltr of hot water, use energy just to keep the water hot?
So only turn on your storage heater to boil the water 15-20 mins (depend on tank’s size) before using, and switch it off immediately after use.

Water heater installation

Water installation with electrical switch

Some of my customers asked me, “We always forgot to switch off the storage heater, and that cause my electricity bill very high! Do you have a solution for this?”

I recommended them to change away the normal heater switch and replace with a Timer Heater Switch, a innovation product from Singapore. They are so happy with my recommendation because it saves them a lot of money later.

How the Timer Heater Switch work is very simple, rotate the knot to it max. 20 mins, (that’s the usual timing to boil up a 6 gallon storage heater) and it will start counting down, once it reach zero it will automatic cut off the power supply. So you will never forget to switch off, hence Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Earth!


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