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Residential Electrical Services

Electricman offers a full range of residential electrical installation services in Singapore. We carry out electrical inspections, electrical testing, electrical maintenance and electrical repair.

Commercial Electrical Services

Electriman offer full range of electrical services to commercial property in Singapore, from restaurant, hotel, school, factory etc. We can troubleshoot power cuts, damaged appliances, faulty fire alarms, CCTV, and lighting.

Emergency Electrical Service

We troubleshoot power failurepower trippingblackout, electrical wiring problem in Singapore. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays.

Why Electricman?

We got the tools

Expect us to show up on time, with a helpful attitude and the proper equipment for the job.

Competitive Pricing

Quality electrical work at affordable price for our electrical services Singapore with no hidden cost.

25 Years Experience

Qualified, professional and experienced electricians at your service.

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Common Household Electrical Accessories

You see them everyday, you touch them everyday, but you don’t really know what they called? Learn the name of each of your household accessories so you can let us know the actually problem.

Evolution of Lighting

See how lighting has evolved through the centuries. From a simple kerosene lamp to the current LED technology. The latest LED bulb it’s reducing energy use but price still can be reduced further in my opinion.

Save Money on Electricity Bill!

Save your money on electricity bill! Do you know heaters that have storage for several gallons/ltr of hot water, use energy just to keep the water hot?So only turn on your storage heater to boil the water 15-20 mins (depend on tank’s size) before using, and switch it off immediately after use. Some of my […]

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