repair broken electrical wire

How to Repair a Broken Electrical Wire?

Broken electrical wires are a very common sight in houses, construction sites, and many such places. Hence, many people perform electrical repair in Singapore. Even though they appear to be harmless, broken wires can create grave disasters if ignored, such as electrocution, power outage, and other kinds of physical injuries, and accidentally touching a broken wire at times can even cause death. The key to avoiding electrical hazards caused by broken wires is repairing them by following the right techniques. In this article, you are going to learn how to fix a broken wire by splicing it back together mechanically and electrically and insulating the joint. 

Safety Comes First

Electricity is not a form of energy to play with. Whenever you are engaged in electrical repair, you need to prioritize your protection with the required safety gear. Before you start wiring, you must disconnect the power supply. Even if it is a low-voltage supply, you should never undermine the dangers that electricity can cause. Always make sure that all the electricity supply lines connected to what you are working on are properly disconnected to prevent shocking yourself by mistake. In addition, do not forget to wear absolutely dry footwear with rubber or plastic soles when touching wires and other parts of the circuit. 

Use A Connector And Fix The Wire

The easiest way to fix a broken wire is using a connector. Different types of connectors can be found on the market for these types of repairs. When using a connector, strip back the insulation by ¼ to ½ inch to make some spare for the repair. However, make sure you don’t damage the wire when doing so. 

Splice The Wire With Wire Nuts

After making enough space to perform the electrical repair, you need to splice the damaged wire using wire nuts. First, twist the bare ends of the two pieces of wire together. You may use pliers if the wire is thick. Then, place a wire nut on its end and cinch it down like a nut on a bolt. Afterward, cover the ends with electrical tape for safety purposes. When connecting wires with wire nuts, always ensure to use the correct size of the nut that can fit the wires perfectly. 

Splice The Wire With A Butt Splice Connector

If you don’t have any chance to fix the wire with a wire nut, your next option is to use a butt splice connector. Butt splice connectors butt the two ends of the broken wire together and crimp them down establishing a strong electrical connection. To perform this task, you can either use pliers or a crimping tool. 

Splice The Wire With Lever Connectors

In case you don’t have any of the above equipment, you may fix the wire with lever connectors. In this procedure, first you open a lever, then insert the bare wire into a hole and close the lever. These connectors are known to be the best and the most efficient electrical repair equipment, however, they are relatively more expensive than the rest. 

Fix A Broken Wire With Soldering

Often, the professional way of repairing broken wire is soldering. It provides the best connection both mechanically and electrically. When done professionally, the repair can even get stronger than the original state of the wire. However, if you lack the knowledge or tools to do it yourself, you can always contact reliable electrical repair services in Singapore to do the repair for you. Call SG Electrical Engineering today to install or repair all your residential and commercial electrical systems.