Power Outage

What is the most common cause of power outage?

Electrical power has become such an integral part of modern life that even a temporary power failure can cause chaos and disruption to our livelihoods. 

While the loss of power in smaller-scale settings may not be life-threatening, it can still result in lost data, a decrease in productivity, or the loss in revenue. As we are highly dependent on electricity, we need to understand the common causes of power outage so we can better safeguard ourselves from its negative effects. 

Here are some of the most common causes of power outages:

Short Circuits

A short circuit is a commonly used term for power failure. In an electrical circuit, it occurs when an electric current travels along a path that is different from the one it is intended to travel on. This results in an excessive electric flow that builds up, leading to circuit damage, fire, and sometimes explosions.

Short circuits also account for one of the primary reasons behind outbreaks of electrical fire across the world.

To avoid short circuits, ensure that all equipment used during electrical installation meets the correct specifications for their application. Additionally, high-quality fuses and circuit breakers should be installed so that power can be automatically disconnected in the event of a short circuit.

Power Surges

Power surge or overloading the electricity main is another common cause for power outages. Power surges occur when too much current passes through electric wires, leading to rapid overheating, which can melt the wires and possibly start a fire.

To prevent power surges, avoid plugging several power-hungry appliances into the same line. Alternatively, engage professional electrical services to install surge protectors into your main power switchboard.

Natural Causes – e.g. Storms and lightning

During storms, lightning will sometimes strike power lines, causing a surge in electrical pressure. The surge causes a significant spike in voltage that overloads the electrical circuit. As a result, regular home appliances (especially older ones) plugged in might suffer damages, leading to a power outage.

It is almost impossible to prevent lightning strikes, so you should install high-quality surge protectors in your appliances.

Protect your home from power outages

The best way to protect yourself from sudden power surges and short circuits is to engage a good electrician to assess your home’s electrical needs. For some, it may be as simple as installing a surge protector along the electricity line. For others, it may involve upgrading an extensive network of inadequate wiring running through their old homes.

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