Electrical Repair

4 Types of Electrical Repair Services Best Left To Professionals

When it comes to electrical problems, most homeowners rely on their local electrical repair shop. This is because electrical repair specialists have the skills and experience in performing repairs quickly and effectively. While you can easily fix a loose outlet or replace a blown fuse, there are situations when you should not attempt to fix these problems on your own.

Here, we list down four types of electrical repairs that are best entrusted to a professional electrician.

1. Replacing wiring or rewiring your home’s electrical system.

Replacing wiring or rewiring your home’s electrical system is one of the jobs that are too complicated for homeowners. Without the right knowledge and skills, anything can go wrong; and errors can lead to electrical shorts or house fire.

If you notice that your wiring is already outdated and needs replacement, you’ll need to hire an electrical repair specialist to do the job safely. He or she not only knows how to rewire your home properly but will also secure all the necessary permits before doing so.

2. Replacing or upgrading panels.

If your home is between 25-40 years old, it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel. Generally, electrical panels can last for 40 to 60 years. However, they will eventually need to be replaced, especially if you notice signs that indicate that your electrical panels are becoming faulty and outdated. These key signs may include circuit breakers that constantly trip, dimming or flickering lights, and electric shocks when touching appliances.

Working on your home’s electric panels is dangerous. You must contact an electrical repair professional in Singapore for help rather than attempting to do it yourself. He or she will carefully inspect your home’s wiring before replacing or upgrading the panels.

3. Replacing burnt outlets.

If your outlets have turned black or got burnt, they are likely caused by overloaded circuits or damaged wiring. When this happens, it’s time to seek electrical repair and services. Only a professional electrician can address this problem safely and efficiently. Moreover, he or she can determine if there’s a further problem and then handle it immediately before it gets worse.

 So, the moment you notice a burning smell or see smoke emitting from your outlets, contact an electrician near you to replace your burnt outlets immediately as these could start a fire if neglected.

4. Repairing large appliances.

When your appliances suddenly stop working, it often causes panic. But before you start looking for new appliances, you might want to consider having them repaired first by the experts.

If you notice that your refrigerator’s motor is always running or its exterior feels warm to the touch, call the repair experts to fix these issues right away. Or if your washer leaks during washes and makes excessive noise, you certainly need repairing.


Incorrect electrical repairs could lead to an accident or injury. Without professional experience and the right tools, you are putting your life and your home at risk. If you encounter any of these four electrical problems, leave them to the pros and hire your local electrician to inspect your electrical system and perform repairs.

And when you need any electrical repair in Singapore, be sure to hire someone extensively knowledgeable, highly experienced, and vigorously trained.